Nike Pegasus 31 Flash

Running is my sport. I started to run since I start working back in 2007. I started running using my boring black pair of Reeboks, and in 2010 I ventured into new pairs of Nikes. After a streak not-so-good luck with some Nikes, I finally settled with Nike Free Run 2. I run on those for 4+ years of over 300km, often use the shoes as my walk-around sneakers, and now it’s time for retirement.

Nike Free Run 2

The worn-out Nike Free Run 2

So I settled on the Nike Pegasus 31 Flash. I had my eyes on the Pegasus 30 back in 2013, but I felt the shoes was heavy, despite the plushy cushion. Last year, Nike introduced the Pegasus 31 and they have the flash version – basically it adds the water repellant and extra reflectivity feature. Perfect for the moody Jakarta weather currently. And the color for their flash version is much much better than the Pegasus 30 flash version – a big plus.

The new Nike Peggy

The new Nike Peggy

As with the other bored Jakartans, I have to name the shoes that I buy using my hard-earned savings.. I once decided to name it Agent Carter, as the cute name of Pegasus is Peggy and in order to honor the Agent Peggy Carter which happens to be the Captain America’s old flame… But then I think Peggy would be just fine.

Whoa, it glows!

Whoa, it glows!

I took it for a test run the next day. Many reviews say that this version of Pegasus is a different beast from its predecessors, and it turns to be the case. First, it is not as plushy as Pegasus 30. And second, it feels lighter. Both of the new feats make the shoes feel more responsive and fun to ride. But it boils down to your running preference, of course.

Water splashes? No problemo.

Water splashes? No problemo.

The drawback of the flash version is that the shoes have less breathability. The shoes warm up quicker, and during the cold morning run, you’ll feel like running on fire – I’m exaggerating of course. It’s pretty okay for shorter runs (5 km), but I’m yet to see whether it’s bearable for longer runs. The good side is that it repel water – perfect for rainy runs, and with the warm feeling that would heat up even the coldest of the feet when running in these, some people with lack of commitment may find the shoes fitting.

Peggy after catching her first dirt

Peggy after catching her first dirt

So far, my experience with the Peggy has been good. If you don’t need the flash feature but you want the new Peggy, Nike also has the volt/black version that’s currently on sale in some major Nike outlets in Jakarta. That one looks kinda electro-cute, but I’d choose the flash version anyway since the flash version enables you to make crazy fun photos using the reflective feature! And not to mention that it also makes you look cool when visiting the malls. Makes you look less mundane, indeed.

Update: the cushioning was stiff at first, but after 10km run, it softens. The sole also becomes more flexible, which makes the run more enjoyable. I figure that the shoes will get even better when they hit 20km.


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